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Here at Famous Dave’s, we understand that being part of a community is about a lot more than just hanging a flashing neon “OPEN” sign in our front window. At its very roots, BBQ is about bringing people together. That’s why Famous Dave’s is proud to announce our new Famous Fundraising Program. We like to think of it as our way of giving back to the community that supports us – and we hope that you’ll think of it as a great opportunity for your organization to fund the activities and programs that enrich the neighborhood that we share.

We know that no two organizations are alike in their needs or resources, so we’ve developed 2 unique ways that we can work together. Plan a huge fundraising event catered by Famous Dave’s or invite your community to dine at your local Famous Dave’s on your behalf, No matter which program you choose for your organization, the outcome in the same – we’ll donate 10% or more of all the sales generated back to your group. Click here to view a flyer that explains each fundraising option in detail.

This is not your standard frozen pizza fundraiser – this is your opportunity to generate a significant amount of money with no start-up cost. More than that, Famous Fundraising is about really getting your group and your supporters excited to contribute – trust us, our award-winning BBQ is a lot more stimulating than a melted candy bar! Not only will you reach your fundraising goals, you’ll create that amazing atmosphere of friends and family sharing together that comes at any good ol’ fashioned BBQ. When you’re ready to get started on your fundraising program, contact our Catering Specialists at or by phone at


Thanks for the work you do to enhance our community, we look forward to contributing to your success!

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